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Have an unwanted bald patch? - New Jersey hair restoration center is here to help.

We here at New Jersey Hair Restoration, know that a bald patch is now a common problem. We as humans face, this with some troubles, those mainly concerning our looks. One solution to the bald patch that has helped many is the New Jersey hair transplant center. Doing hair transplant surgeries the most ideal way.  For your hair transplant, it is better to trust someone who has done a number of such surgeries. You should also ensure that the surgeon himself does the procedure.

Are you thinking of having a hair transplant at this New Jersey hair restoration center? Hair transplant is a type of surgery in which the hair we already have is transplanted to an area where we have thin or no hair. And before going in for this type of surgery, it is better that you talk to your doctor about the surgery in detail.

Are New Jersey hair restoration surgeries painless and affordable?

Now, it would be of further help to know something more about this type of surgery. The sugery done here at the New Jersey hair restoration center, is one of the leaders among its group. In Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant, three things are done. Firstly, The hair restoration zones are specified. Then, the appearance you desire and which you will get after the transplant are discussed. Thirdly, the number of follicular hair units that can be safely harvested is assessed.

NEOGRAFT is the machine by which the first FUE was done and now, DeVroye and U machines are used. These being more adaptable, making them the right ones for NEOGRAFT techniques. It is to be noted that In Follicular Unit Grafting, even though tiny incisions are made in the recipient area, the resultant scars are not that noticeable.

Further, if you are worried about pain you may suffer ‘during’ surgery, don’t be alarmed. You can be rest assured that there will only be a little discomfort, just like doing a filling at a dentist. The only pain you may experience may be due to your sitting at the chair for a long time. And directly after surgery, there might be a little pain, which can be easily managed by painkillers. After the surgery, you need to take rest for only a couple of days. And avoid over-exerting at the gym, running, and sexual activities are best avoided for 7 days. Most patients resume work only 2-3 days after undergoing surgery. As long as they do not have to do too much manual labor.

Hair Transplant Cost

Three things determine the cost of a hair transplant. Where it is done, who does it and how big is the area where the transplant is to be done.  There are places that offer cheaper rates for hair transplants. However, if you want a good job done at competitive prices, then  New Jersey hair restoration center is the best bet.  Through its finance partners and based upon your income and credit score, we offer monthly payment plans. These plans are convenient, affordable and have been well accepted by its customers.

New Jersey Hair Restoration Center will restore your hair and make it look natural. For more information, call us at 201-337-6286.

BalDev Sandhu, MD

Hair Transplant Authority & Specialist

Attending Plastic Surgeon

Hoboken University Medical Center

Englewood Hospital

Dr. Sandhu has performed Hair Transplants for over 20 years and is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He was elected a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and also, a member of the NJ Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Dr. Baldev Sandhu Hair Transplant Specialist

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