Stop wasting your money on PRP! As a hair transplant surgeon I often see patients who have spent thousands of dollars on worthless unproven cures for baldness in men.

It’s understandable that men want a quick, easy cure to their hair loss. Unfortunately while many marketing companies promote vitamins and pills to prevent or even reverse hair loss, scientific evidence is sorely lacking for their claimed remedies. For pills that claim to correct the nutritional deficiencies that are causing hair loss it would be quite simple to actually measure those nutritionals levels and check if the patient actually has a nutritional deficiency that is causing their hair loss.

Why they are able to continue to make millions of dollars from treatments that have no basis in science is because they use marketing terms such as “promotes” stronger hair. Who doesn’t want stronger hair? It’s only natural to assume that if the hair is stronger it will not fall out. It’s like the shampoo marketing companies saying “brings your hair back to life” That is scientifically impossible since hair is dead. The only living part of hair is the follicle that lies underneath the skin and generates the keratin which becomes hair. Its like saying you can bring wood back to life.

Yes, you can give hair a nice shine with a coating of conditioner just as you can varnish an old table. So what is the scientific evidence that PRP injections can bring dead hair follicles to life so that they begin generating new hair? The answer is none!! PRP (platelet rich plasma) is created by simply spinning down whole blood and while it does have many nutritional and growth factors when injected into the scalp those factors will be washed away by regional blood flow within 30 minutes.

So how is it supposed to work? Even assuming that nutritional support is what the dying hair follicles need to bring them back to life! Just as there are no injections that will stop hair turning white, PRP injections will not stop hair that is genetically pre-programmed for early death from their inevitable fate. Patients who have spent substantial sums of money on these scientifically unproven treatments are inevitably disappointed.

…. So guys, don’t do it and just save your money!!